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Herbal Vitiligo Treatment
After 6 Months
Vitiligo Ayurvedic Cure
Herbal Vitiligo Treatment
After 4 Months
Vitiligo Ayurvedic Cure
Herbal Vitiligo Treatment
After 4 Months
Vitiligo Ayurvedic Cure
Herbal Vitiligo Treatment
After 5 Months
Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo
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Vitiligo is a disorder with colour difference. Basically pigmentation rate slow down or complete stoppage of pigmentation process is the cause behind a vitiligo patch. 

In general vitiligo diet should consist of food items which does not lower the pigmentation rate. So, mainly the food items which can enhance the pigmentation rate are of influence in vitiligo.

Vitiligo Diet topic consisits of the food items which are completely avoidable in vitiligo condition.

Ayurvedic treatment emphasises the value of vitiligo diet during treatment of vitiligo. Mainly the things which lowers the pigmentation rate should be avoided in vitiligo & leucoderma as per Ayurhealthline. The diet chart for vitiligo is published after lot of research and scientific reasons noted by Ayurhealthline.

Ayurhealthline emphasises importance of diet-restrictions during vitiligo treatment. A vitiligo sufferer has to maintain diet restriction whether he or she is in treatment or not just to maintain the status quo.

Lots of fermented products, ascorbic acids and pungent food items are considered to be slowing down the pigmentation process.

More details on how to avoid diet in vitiligo can be found here


hi Dr i am nilesh kamble from mumbai. i was treatment on white patch. now i m 75% ok on your medicin. Thanks for the best treatment. ...
Nilesh, Mumbai
Good evening Dr. Ravish Kamal!!! I have completed the medicines and i need more medicines as the remaining areas of my body spots are almost negligib ...
Respected Dr Ravish kamal sir This is A. vinodraj from chennai i had a consultation on last month regarding the white patches on my lips well i had so ...
A.Vinodraj, Chennai, India
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