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Here at Ayurhealthline we have holistic approach towards our patients. Especially at Ayurhealthline we treat each and every patient of us according to the most ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda. In Ayurhealthline we treat the patient not only disease. The patient is basically given different herbal combinations, which acts on the root cause of the disease so that to act faster with no relapse of the disease. This unique Ayurvedic theory makes the difference. While treatment, a patient’s immunity power is also developed to such extent so that his/her body can counteract to any disease causing agents such as Bacteria, Viruses, and Parasites etc.

Basically Vitiligo / Leucoderma are an autoimmune disorder that's why our research based Ayurvedic medicines are based on the root-cause of this. As this is a pigment disorder due to loss of melanin & inactivity of melanocytes (cells producing melanin pigment) & is very much related to autoimmunity, a condition in which body's defense system starts to destroy its own cells & tissues.
We at Ayurhealthine have effective and safe (even for small kids) treatment as a combination of herbal oral & applicable herbal medicines for Vitiligo treatment.
Herbal Anti Vitiligo Capsule
The Anti vitiligo oral formulation is in form of capsules for easy intake. Its a combination of different effective and pure herbal extracts which acts internally on the skin cells and photosynthetic herbs inside it internally converts the white spots to its normal skin colour gradually by reactivating the melanocyte cells. Simultaneously, these act on immune system of the body and correct the metabolism of the body. Also, these herbs help liver for proper functioning to digest food properly. Apart from these, the herbs also helps to stop spreading of patches as well as it stops formation of new patches.
Herbal Anti Vitiligo Application Cream/Oil/Powder
This is an effective combination of rare herbs, which is in form of powder/cream/oil for local application on affected areas i.e. on white patches. Anti vitiligo Application (powder/cream/oil) will penetrate deep through skin pores which activates inactive or hypoactive melanocytes for pigment deposition over skin resulting into normal skin colour gradually. It acts best with oral Anti vitiligo capsules.
Herbal Pigment Catalizer Capsule
The Pigment catalizer capsules are made up of extracts derived from ancient Indian herbs. It acts as catalyst to enhance the efficacy of the parent medicines for faster recovery and coverage. It accelerates the process of repigmentation.
Herbal Immuno Capsules
Ayurhealthline also provides Immunity boosters in form of “Immuno “capsules to stop spreading patches and to stop any further relapses after full coverage in Vitiligo/Leucoderma cases. An immunity stabilizer normally improves immunity power of a person by improving metabolism of the body. It helps to improve immune system for gaining strength also. This can be used in other immune suppressive conditions also. It works as a immunity stabilizer and balances the immunity system.

Initial results can be easily felt after few weeks of starting treatment generally. As if squeezing of patches sidewise or darker pigmented spots formation over the patches starts.

Once patient's immunity system stabilizes there will be no chance of further relapses. For that regular medication is needed. As far as spreading is concerned it will also be stopped gradually by our herbal formulations.
Treatment duration will vary and depend upon severity & onset of cases.

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*