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Vitiligo : Precautions & Treatment

Vitiligo generally starts with a silent depigmentation over skin. Ignorance makes it vast. Generally it starts without any notice. But in few cases slight irritation is the sign.
When skin whiteness occures due to a cut, allergy, accident or a burn then it is termed Leucoderma. But normally happening patches can be termed vitiligo. 
Much has been said about the reason for vitiligo but conclusion is that it is an autoimmune disorder occurring due to immunity disturbances.
Immunity disturbances can happen due to regular odd food combination intake, regular stress, sudden trauma or due to some lifestyle problems.
Precautions of vitiligo and leucoderma includes the following points:

·        Natural & easy to digest home-made food habits are always welcome in a way to improve your immunity.

·         Avoiding regular intake of junk food is the best option.

·         Intake of hot & cold food items together should be avoided.

·         Too much attention to improve immunity sometimes gets futile – like taking gooseberry(amla) juice in inadequate quantity regularly.

·         Regular intake of corticosteroids & antibiotics can reduce immunity.

·         Getting regular exposure from colder room temperature to hot outside or vice versa temperature can cause immunity disturbance.

·         Sometimes swimming in warm water in cold climate or vice versa for longer time can lead to immunity disturbances.

·         Regular stress can hamper immunity system. One should do yoga or should do meditation to cope up.


Treatment of vitiligo and leucoderma


Vitiligo treatment should be done in a way to improve body metabolism & immunity both. Treatment should provide immunity stabilization and pigmentation at the same time.
Ayurvedic is the preferable & most suitable treatment option for vitiligo. As it works on roots. Ayurvedic medicines for vitiligo doesn’t supresses the ailment. It doesn’t mean that it exposes it. Actually the herbs works for pigmentation & does immunity improvement in a way to cover the patches & also assures to control the spreading.
Ayurveda is considered as the best option for vitiligo treatment.
Ask with the Vitiligo Specialist

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