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Dr.Ravish Kamal - The Vitiligo Specialist

Dr. Ravish Kamal

Dr. Ravish Kamal is one of the unique Ayurvedist in India who has been treating only Vitiligo patients not only in India but across world since 2005. He has pioneered Vitiligo treatment through Ayurveda, which offers a time-tested & holistic approach towards the patient that goes beyond the symptomatic relief provided by conventional methods. In his early days of Bachelors, Dr. Ravish has taken up the challenge given by his colleagues about solving vitiligo cases which were present in great numbers nearby his institution. One of the vitiligo sufferers was his known there. To whom he dedicated his treatment at that time.   
Understanding the underlaying causes, dosas and other factors responsible for origin of vitiligo, Dr. Ravish devoted around two years of his time only in deep studies of various Ayurvedic textbooks as “Charaka Samhita”,“Susurata Samhita” and many more to understand the “nidan” (diagnosis) of vitiligo (“switra”) in human. He got support from his professors, elders, and ward staff also for the same.   
With his habit of thorough know-how about subjest and after reaching into conclusion about prognosis of Vitiligo in Ayurveda, Dr. Ravish then started hunting the textbooks regarding the choice of herbs which could be responsible for healing vitiligo. He studied deeply about the guna, dharma, virya, vipaka of each herb shortlisted in textbooks like “Dravya guna” and other important once. Accurate knowledge of herbs property & its efficacy on the disease and on the skin layers helped him to reach towards a successful formulation for Vitiligo treatment along with vata-pitta-kapha balancing. With all the positive notes he started to administer his own Researched & Developed Ayurvedic herbal formulation initially to 10 number of vitiligo patients with confidence.
 dr.ravish kamal
All the patients were given oral medicines in the form of churnas filled in capsules for home use with instructions. Along with oral pills one topical powder was also administered to them with strict instruction to get in touch regularly with him. Guidelines about Diet restrictions was also instructed in written form in local language for easy understanding. This was administered for three weeks & after that they are advised to visit the OPD. After three weeks a few reported mild itching with redness on the lesions while others noticed mild tingling over some of the white spots. Digestion wise all patients reported nothing abnormal. After observation the patients were asked to visit after another three weeks. But, after another two weeks, six of the patients reported mild pin dots of brown colour on some of the exposed area spots. Another one week of waiting and then the formulation started showing up initial pigmentation results on the white spot lesions of all the patients who were administered formulation from Dr. Ravish. 
That day of joy which brought smile on patient’s face after seeing initial pigmentation helped Dr.Ravish much in terms of mental positivity & satisfaction. This has pushed him to do more in the field of Vitiligo treatment. Still, he is on same path and working hard for complete eradication of vitiligo.  With all in his mind, Dr.Ravish initiated a clinic which only serves Vitiligo and Leucoderma patients with Ayurvedic herbs for its root cause removal. Ayurhealthline has taken shape in 2005 and started to provide vitiligo consultation and treatment not only to patients residing in INDIA but it has also started helping international patients since then. Mostly patients from European countries i.e. United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Greece, Eastonia consulted Online and taken treatment in initial years of Ayurhealthline. 
Dr.Ravish also observed the intricate connection between mind and body during his research process. Emotional turmoil, Stress, anxiety can exacerbate the spread of vitiligo. He therefore realised that the management of stress and promotion of mental well-being are integral components of Ayurvedic treatment in vitiligo management & treatment.
Vitiligo is a condition that affects a patient mentally and physically also. Counselling of vitiligo patients is required continuously for their mind & body healing. Dr.Ravish helping them not only with Consultation but along with that he is also working for their psychological improvement by providing them throughout consultation during full tenure of their treatment.  
Since vitiligo is a mentally disturbing disorder and patients like to keep their problem secret, Dr.Ravish has launched Vitiligo Online Consultation platform in 2005. The Online Vitiligo Consultation Form is unique form of its kind in which all the information related to vitiligo issue is taken care of. Details and case history required for treatment of vitiligo is obtained through online consultation form starting from patients age, weight, case history, family history, patches area helps him to customise the treatment for optimum results.
Every Vitiligo case remains unique based on their case history. In some cases, vitiligo spreading remains faster where in some cases spreading remains stable. Various other factors determine the severity of case and based on that Dr.Ravish customise his Anti Vitiligo Kit. The online consultation involves an option of video consultation also for distant patients who cannot visit clinic for Speciality treatment. Spot area photograph sending, and diagnoses feature is also added for the process of online consultation.
Deep knowledge of Ayurveda texts along with modern research with development guided Dr.Ravish to formulate the full proof formulation named Anti Vitiligo Kit.  In his academic days in University Dr.Ravish was awarded with "Dabur Ayur Meda Award" or securing highest percentage in his institution.   
Need for Vitiligo Speciality Clinic is highly on demand as the cases are increasing rapidly. Dr.Ravish has a thought that each and every case of vitiligo should get precise attention and for this he personally takes care of every vitiligo case. Ayurhealthline has created the online platform in such a way that it replaces the need of personal consultation completely.
Ayurhealthline has gathered name and fame by treating lots of vitiligo patients across world and for this achievement it has been awarded INDIA HEALTHCARE AWARD in the category of “Best unique Global Ayurvedic Vitiligo Speciality Clinic in India”. The award was presented by famous Bollywood actress DIYA MIRZA.
The content of this website is completely written by him. Dr.Ravish remains the sole author of this website. The experience, knowledge, deep reading, and discussion with peer group related to Ayurveda incurred into words of this website as he suggests.
Since 2005 Dr.Ravish has been writing this website with his deep thought about Ayurveda and Vitiligo. For the welfare and knowledge of vitiligo patients’ lot of points regarding there hygiene, food restriction and lifestyle related restriction has been discussed much elaborately in this website. As vitiligo is a unique disorder and generally it is considered as skin disease. Whereas it is directly related to immunity of body. Vitiligo is considered an auto-immune disorder. So, considering it skin disease is not fair. Various treatments in modern medicine which consider it as a skin disease and treat it with steroids or other chemical medicines, ointments don’t succeed in treating it by roots. Only temporary results can be seen by using such treatments which later gets faded. Therefore, these chemical based artificial treatments are considered unsuccessful in treating vitiligo.
Around 19 years of practice, interaction with more than forty thousand vitiligo patients across world from different countries & different climatic conditions has resulted into great knowledge and experience. Gathering all these information, Dr. Ravish realises the need of Pigment Cycle Normalization in Vitiligo for permanency in results.  In human body, normally skin exfoliation takes place in every 6 to 8 weeks in which upper most skin layer comes out in form of skin flakes. As a replacement old skin cells gets replaced by new skin cells. In vitiligo condition along with new skin cells melanin pigment replacement gets stopped. In general language skin replacement occurs without any issues but melanin pigment replacement gets missed due to absence of melanin pigment.  As a result, the skin area converts colourless due to absence of melanin pigment which define the colour tone of a person. Restoring the pigment cells by restarting melanogenesis process is the main target of treatment by Dr. Ravish.
It’s been 19 years with success rate of more than 90% in Vitiligo patients the Herbal formulation acts on the roots cause of problem. As said mode of action of this Anti Vitiligo Kit medication is divided into two parts. The first part regenerates and reactivates the dormant or dead melanocytes cells. The reactivation process normally takes 6 to 9 weeks around. Therefore, the initial pigmentation starts in 2-2.5 months under treatment. Later, with punctual medicine intake the process of pigmentation continues with monthly coverage of the wite spots. The second part consist of immunity improvement and immunity balancing process. Under this the herbal medicine insures immunity improvement and stabilization. This is required for auto immune trigger correction and rectification. This process of immune stabilization assures no relapse of vitiligo for lifetime. Thus, it guarantees transformative results.
Good reviews from cured patients across Globe acts like blessing for the organization. These positive testimonials work like a catalyst and boosts the morale of Dr.Ravish and his associates.
Authentic treatment with clear mind and God-fearing attitude of Dr.Ravish always guides him to help vitiligo patients wisely and ethically.
Dr.Ravish points out : “With the healthcare evolution, embracing traditional wisdom along with modern advancements will hold the key to transmuting solutions for vitiligo sufferers.  Always consult with healthcare professionals before commencing any treatment journey to ensure personalized and safe care." 

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*