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Vitiligo Treatment

Being an autoimmune disease Vitiligo is a complex disorder with a state related to self-destructing melanocyte cells due to impaired immunity system. As a result the production of skin pigment gets affected and colour loss is observed on skin. A Vitiligo spot gets started in this way over skin. After formation of few small spots, the spots have the tendency to merge into each other in general. The merger of spots forms large size patches with due course of time.
Vitiligo treatment is done best by improving body immunity. For permanency in results this is the only solution which can be better understood by learning some facts about Vitiligo.
Is vitiligo a skin disease?
Terming Vitiligo a skin disease is not true. It is a disorder related to immune system disturbance.  Vitiligo is considered an immunological disorder. Thus, skin doctors are of less help in Vitiligo. Treatment of white spots with corticosteroids & other drugs like immuno-modulators may provide some temporary solution but ultimately these May cause more complications. “One thing should be understood the "You cannot suppress Vitiligo by prescribing harsh medicines & ointments.” Chemical/suppressive treatments may result into temporary results & later on such treatments could lead to lots of other side effects including spreading of the spots.
The onset of vitiligo exerts mental pressure and worry on a sufferer. The status of depression can also lead to more spread of vitiligo. The condition can be well managed and controlled by Ayurvedic treatment for Vitiligo. Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo emphasises on treating the root cause. The root cause of Vitiligo is widely considered “Autoimmunity” a self-destruction condition under which the body defence cells starts destruction of its own cells and tissues. The destruction of melanin producing cells may result into nil production of pigments and due to this the skin gets colour-less on those areas.
Ayurveda has mentioned this condition in its textbooks some 5000 years ago and denoted odd- food combination (virudh-ahar-sevan) as its prime cause. Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda focuses on this and the herbs actually works on body metabolism to fight the ‘autoimmune syndrome”. Under treatment the herbs with photosynthetic action are also administered for re-pigmentation. In other words the Vitiligo sufferers gradually get treated with herbal formulations to restore pigmentation over the white patch area and to establish the lost immunity by correcting the body metabolism under Ayurvedic Vitiligo treatment.
Anti Vitiligo kit treatment by Ayurhealthline
Ayurhealthline proudly has served and serving across world as a Vitiligo Specialty Clinic since past 13 years. Vitiligo Treatment at Ayurhealthline is present globally and available through its specialised Anti Vitiligo kit. The treatment is completely customised and the kit differs from patient to patient depending on their case history. Vitiligo treatment here is done best through herbs and herbal formulation indigenously Researched and Developed by Dr. Ravish Kamal, B.A.M.S.. The patient is given customised herbal formulations for home use in form of oral capsules, applicable oils and/or powder.
How the treatment works with the use of Anti Vitiligo kit ?
Anti Vitiligo capsules- Works on melanocytes to restart pigmentation process. Helps in repigmentation by photosynthetic activity of its herbs.
Immuno capsules – Helps in immunity improvement and stabilisation. Unique herbal formulation responsible to reduce and control spreading of white spots. Works on root cause.
Pigment Catalizer – works as catalyst and makes the whole process faster. Herbs inside Helps the Anti vitiligo capsules for faster action.
Anti vitiligo application oil/ powder- These are topical applications and helps in pigmentation along with the herbal oral pills.
There are two important aspects of  Vitiligo treatment under Ayurhealthline – First is to improve and stabilise immunity system for spreading control and Second is to re-initiate pigmentation over the white spots. The herbal medicines works as immunity rectifier and restores pigmentation gradually over the white patches by reactivating melanocyte cells. It also rectifies disturbances in metabolic system gradually. In this way it helps to control the spreading of vitiligo also.
The whole process is customised and guided personally by the Dr. Ravish kamal either online or through personal consultation.
Results of Anti vitiligo kit treatment and healing patterns: 
There are three type of healing patterns found after intake of Ayurhealthline Anti vitiligo treatment medicines. Generally The initial starting positive results can be generally seen after few weeks during Ayurhealthline Vitiligo treatment.
 First healing pattern type - Brown dots formation the re-pigmentation starts as small brownish spots appear on the white patches. These darker spots keep spreading and enlarging covering the white spot area into normal skin. The abnormal whiteness disappears gradually. 
Vitiligo Treatment
Second healing pattern type- Side wise squeezing-  the margin of white patches gets darker melanin deposition and starts squeezing the patch area converting white skin into normal skin colour by re-pigmenting the skin area. 
                                                           Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda            
Third healing pattern type- Pink conversion- the whole white patch area gets pinkish due to improved blood circulation and melanocyte activation which gradually develops into normal skin colour. 
                                                         Ayurvedic Vitiligo treatment
The healing pattern may vary patient to patient. But in some cases all the three healing patterns are found simultaneously which helps in faster cure of vitiligo. In this way, vitiligo cure can be achieved by Ayurveda.
Additives for faster vitiligo treatment results
Along with Ayurvedic medicines some food restrictions should also be followed for faster relief. Patient has to follow vitiligo diet chart about what to eat and what to restrict during treatment. Some lifestyle restrictions like avoiding swimming in chlorinated water sources, avoiding prolonged day time sun exposure can be helpful in Vitiligo.
As per experience of Ayurhealthline, the diet restriction and few lifestyle restrictions play major role in pigment restoration and spread control during vitiligo treatment.
Ayurvedic ANTI VITILIGO KIT TREATMENT is much acclaimed 100% Ayurvedic treatment available and it has brought smiles back on faces of many vitiligo sufferers across world with 90% repeat order rate.
Ayurhealthline understands the seriousness of this disorder as a vitiligo specialty clinic and offers help in treatment of vitiligo by its vitiligo awareness guides, Blogs, articles published in various online websites and social platforms regularly. It offers its free help to vitiligo patients regarding correct diet restrictions by its Vitiligo food page.
 ANTI VITILIGO KIT TREATMENT is available and can be taken by anyone across the world through this website.

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*