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Mr.Rana, 47 years, Male INDIA
Started on December 2006 with a 18 year old history of vitiligo over his nose, cheek, forehead, both hand fingertips, both palms, palm back (with thick skin due to corticosteroid use) and inner margin of lips. As observed, he had gone through all types of treatments in past including steroids which made his patches large, brighter & thicker with almost nil quantity of skin pores.
After proper check-up he also mentioned about the faster rate of spreading of vitiligo patches almost all over his body areas.
Finally after case review he was given Anti Vitiligo capsules, Immuno capsules and Anti vitiligo powder along with Anti Vitiligo herbal oil. He got results as his nose and face patch which was full of dark pigmented spots and the patch looked almost covered.
Vitiligo patient Vitiligo Treatment Results
Further onwards he was given high potency Anti Vitiligo Kit which made his palm backs and his forehead duly pigmented by 70-80% after treatment from Ayurhealthline.
He was feeling so happy to see the results. His positive thinking also helped him to get faster results as observed.
Nirmala Verma, 25years, female, Mumbai
Nirmala started online treatment from Ayurhealthline in May 2007 with multiple skin white patches over her both legs with very fast spreading rate and a history of 4 years. She was taken all types of treatments before but no results. She also indicated about her scheduled marriage in December 2007. She always asked to cure her before that.
She was administered with Anti vitiligo kit which was sent to her Mumbai address through courier. Within 4 days she started taking medicines.
After few days of treatment, she informed about some redness over her leg patches which we consider as a very good initial sign towards cure of vitiligo. Again, after completion of four weeks she informed us about the initial brown dots on her patches. Actually, this was the initial healing pattern of Anti vitiligo kit which has started in her case.
The medicines were repeated for next six months and she reported much coverage by then. After full one year treatment she was cured finally with the vitiligo patches.
Lorraine , 23 years, female, Malaysia
Lorraine from Malaysia had taken online consultation in September 2008 from Ayurhealthline website when she has reported a little patch side of Nose, fingers (right & left), on palm (right & Left). bellow wrists near palm (Right), Right & Left elbows, armpit (left), 3-4 patches on back, both sides of ribcage, 1 patch at right ankle, right thigh (2 patches), groin (left side), below navel (one patch) & lips. She reported moderate rate of spreading with a history of almost 18 months.
She was sent three month supply of Anti Vitiligo Kit from Ayurhealthline through EMS. She started taking medicines and doing application after one week. After only two weeks she reported brown spots formation & coverage pattern over her nose patch.
Within few months her nose patches gone and she reported progress on other parts also with large thanks mails.
She ordered two more times for the Anti vitiligo kit and after some more months of treatment and diet restrictions she felt almost healed from vitiligo patches. She is referring many vitiligo sufferers from Malaysia to us as a ray of hope for vitiligo cure.
T. Popoola, 26 years, female, USA
T.Popoola started her online treatment in January 2009 from Ayurhealthline website with a 2 year old history of Vitiligo patches on her chin, around nipples and faded spots on her full front and hands. She had positive parental history of vitiligo. She was sent Anti Vitiligo kit with a special Anti-Vitiligo herbal oil made for sensitive areas. She sent affected area snaps that time. After taking medicines for few months, she sent mail with her photographs reporting no patch on her chin and with squeezing pattern on her around nipple patches. She also reported about absence of many faded spots from her front and hands.
She was again sent three months’ supply of Anti Vitiligo Kit to USA which will help her in further healing.
Harvinder Singh, 22 years, Male, New Delhi
Harvinder came to start his vitiligo treatment in October 2007 with large white patches over all fingertips, both palms (full), elbow, forehead, lips, nose, and wrist with spreading. He administered all types of treatments in past.
After full case review, he was supplied with Anti vitiligo kit and directed to follow strict food restrictions. After 8 weeks initial pigmentation has started not only on his forehead but also on his palms.
After full one year of treatment the palms miraculously recovered completely. As observed the lips also recovered much.
As a software engineer Mr.Harvinder has now gained his full confidence.
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