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Ayurhealthline - The Vitiligo specialist clinic

Why Vitiligo Specialist is required for Vitiligo treatment ?
As we know Vitiligo is a vast and generally progressive disease medically. It is a pigment disorder and it needs proper attention and care and its treatment should be done only under the guidelines of a Specialist. From its onset, it creates tremendous pressure on sufferers mind and it has been seen widely that taking risky treatments from GP’s or normal skin dermatologists or even general Ayurvedic practitioners sometimes complicates the problem and ultimately such incidents can push a vitiligo patient towards the stage of depression also.
So a "Vitiligo Specialist" is much needed to treat Vitiligo & Leucoderma, who can offer treatment based on the cause of it.
What is the role of Ayurhealthline Vitiligo Specialty clinic ?
vitiligo specialist diet restriction guide
Ayurhealthline compensates the need of an Ayurvedic Vitiligo specialist clinic for the treatment of white patches. Its is one of the oldest Online Vitiligo website based clinic in world as its online serving vitiligo patients across Globe since 2005. It has been serving across world continuously since past 16 years in treating only Vitiligo and Leucoderma and has already established as the specialised Vitiligo clinic Globally. It has safely treated patients from 3 months age small kids upto 88 year old person suffering from white spots.
Dr.Ravish as a Vitiligo Specialist has treated more then 10000 patients from more than 65 countries in past 16 years with his Researched Ayurvedic Herbal Anti vitiligo kit treatment. White patches treatment here is completely customised and depends on case history, locational environment and patch condition of patients. Patients under specialised Vitiligo treatment are guided for certain food related changes along with few lifestyle changes.
Dr.Ravish, Vitiligo Doctor is explaning the role of Diet Restrictions in this video.  
The success story of Ayurhealthline for its acclaimed Vitiligo treatment is contributed by patients from all continents of world. The true Results & Testimonials can be seen inside this website about the Vitiligo healing stories of patients of Ayurhealthline for which the clinic already has evidences & proofs.
Who should take Vitiligo Specialty treatment ?
The unpredictable nature of vitiligo requires proper attention, care and herbal interference for management and healing of Leucoderma which can be provided from a specialist only. 
People are also seen following abstract Home remedies for vitiligo which is highly risky and results into worsening of condition as the complex nature of vitiligo doesn't allow personal experience based home remedies. One has to always re-think before following such advise. 
One has to be very cautious in choosing vitiligo treatment. Taking specialised treatment from a vitiligo clinic can be much helpful in coverage and healing of white patches. Not only with the herbal medicines but also the specialist doctor can guide about minute food, diet and lifestyle restrictions which has to be followed for successful treatment of vitiligo. Some minute lifestyle change guidance from a specialist could also help in faster healing of patches including spread control.
Spread control and re-pigmentation are the two aspects followed by the treatment under Ayurhealthline - a Vitiligo Speciality Clinic. The treatment enhances the immunity and stabilises it to normal by improving body metabolism gradually.
Who is the Vitiligo Specialist at Ayurhealthline ?
The whole process is governed under guidance of Dr.Ravish Kamal, Ayurvedic Vitiligo specialist with his unique formulated Ayurvedic herbal combinations which also help to promote pigmentation on white lesions over various parts of body. The treatment is helpful in segmental, acrofacial and generalised types of vitiligo. The herbal medicines also helps in control of emerging spots which comes after a cut or a scratch.
Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda is done for balancing immune system along with re-starting pigmentation over white spot areas. Under specialised Anti Vitiligo Kit treatment the patient is administered herbal medicines like Anti vitiligo capsules, Immuno capsules, Pigment cataliser capsules and Anti Vitiligo application oil and/or powder. These herbal formulations acts as to balance the immunity system by rectification of body metabolic process. The treatment also helps to re-gain pigmentation over white spot areas. The photosynthetic action of herbs re-energise the dormant "Melanocyte" cells which are responsible for pigment production and to provide colour to the skin. As a result the dormant cells starts work on the specified white spot areas and colouration of skin gets started. This process takes 6-9 weeks to initiate and as a result starting results can be seen under this time frame in this treatment. Immunity improvement & stabilisation assures spread control with no further relapses.
This whole process of consultation is supervised by the Vitiligo Doctor and patients are advised to ask queries directly to the Doctor. 
This root cause work is done only in Specialised Ayurvedic treatment for Vitiligo for permanency in results.
We understand that awareness about Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda has saved lots of patients across the world as Ayurveda is at its best for treating Vitiligo and Leucoderma at Ayurhealthline.

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