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Vitiligo in Children

Discussion - Vitiligo in Children  

Why Vitiligo happens in Children? 

In early ages, small children have lesser immunity as compared to adults. In other words, they are more vulnerable to bacteria, fungal infections, and other auto-immune disorders. A small mistake in food habits or lifestyle can disturb immunity in small children. Sudden exposure to colder climate can disturb their immunity and can cause auto-immune disease like vitiligo. Similarly, exposure of antibiotics/ steroids has harmful effects on their immunity. These acts as immunosuppressive agents which can trigger autoimmune syndrome. Regular food habits having junk food and other food items which are chemically rich can alter immunity in children. The disturbed immunity or autoimmunity is a dangerous stage of immune system. The cells which are weak by nature may get compromised due to autoimmune status of body. Self-killing of cells also harms the melanocytes which produce pigments for the skin. Due to this production of melanin, pigment stops and colorless skin forming a white patch emerges out. 

Which is the safest Vitiligo treatment for children?  

Vitiligo is a pigmentary disorder due to loss of cutaneous melanocytes. Usually in paediatric age vitiligo may be a traumatic experience for both parents and children. Treating vitiligo in this traumatized condition in children not only needs medicines but a fair percentage of counselling is also required for the same. There are various treatments offered to children suffering from vitiligo: -   
Topical TREATMENTSIn such treatments, steroidal ointments are widely prescribed by dermatologists for immunomodulation. Such treatments are having temporary results and after stopping the treatment, results are seen to be vanishing. As a side effect irritation, burning/boils formation could happen. This could not be considered as a safe option. 
UV TREATMENT UV treatment is considered as Phototherapy. There are multirange UV treatments like UVA light, UVB light and PUVA like options are advised for vitiligo treatment in children. The work of all these light therapies is to stimulate the skin cells artificially along with this these also helps in immunomodulation. These have side effects like skin burning and formation of rashes. In some cases, these are seen to be causing factor of skin cancer. One cannot consider these as a safe option for vitiligo treatment.  
SURGERY Skin Transplantation, Punch Grafting comes under surgical treatment for vitiligo. These do not have any effect on the root cause of vitiligo. In other way these cannot stop spread of vitiligo. The risk of new vitiligo development is always high on the skin from where the cells are procured for transplant. These also cannot be taken as safe treatment for vitiligo in children.  
CAMEOFLAGE – Skin tattoo, pigment filling on white skin, lesions come under this head. These will also have no effect on causative reason of vitiligo so the results for this kind of arrangement remains temporary. Cosmetically they can provide relief for some time but cannot have long lastingly effect of vitiligo coverage.’ 


AYURVEDIC TREATMENTAyurvedic treatment for vitiligo in children remains the safest bet. Among all available treatments, this is the safest one which really have positive impact on vitiligo patients as seen in many children cases. Herbal approach towards treatment of root cause makes this treatment best. Pigment cycle normalization is the process which results into permanency in results under Ayurvedic vitiligo treatment for kids. 
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Standing as the oldest life science in universe, ayurveda has been found more potentially efficient in treating vitiligo in children. Herbs under the treatment makes this the safest option. Mild herbs in combination under guidance of the vitiligo specialist are prescribed for kids to deal with vitiligo safely and effectively. The herbs work on autoimmune factor by improving and stabilizing immunity. Herbal formulations or oral intake and topical application deals with vitiligo in both ways. The external application works locally on the spot areas to restart pigmentation while the internal medicines complement it by reactivating the melanin production cells internally. After few weeks of treatment pigment dots formation gets initiated. Along with this spreading of vitiligo starts to control in few weeks. Ayurvedic medicine for vitiligo in children are designed smartly so that small kids can consume these easily. 
Few restrictions in diet along with natural herbal medicines leads towards curing vitiligo patches in children. Some activities from lifestyle as swimming in chlorine treated water should be avoided in vitiligo. Prolonged sun exposure in daytime should also be avoided for better results. Avoiding chemicals and following a natural lifestyle can prevent vitiligo in children.  
Ayurhealthline has been treating children with Vitiligo effectively & safely since past 19 years under guidance of its founder & researcher Dr.Ravish. The worldwide range of patients age varies from 3 months small child upto 8 years under child category whom Dr.Ravish has well treated permanently with his unique herbs. Immunity stabilization in children helps them to recover from other immunity related disorders also along with vitiligo & leucoderma.

 best vitiligo treatment in ayurveda

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