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Vitiligo Food & Diet chart for Vitiligo Treatment & Prevention

Vitiligo Diet Restrictions : 

Vitiligo is mainly an autoimmune problem and for its treatment Ayurveda is considered best as it works on strengthening the disturbed immune system of body. A proper immune system helps in treatment & prevention of Vitiligo. Thus, the kind of diet which helps in improving immune system is seen helpful in control of white spots. This kind of diet not only helps in spread control but also helps in faster healing of spots. Adding food items rich in vitamin D, vitamin B12 are such food items. Recent study suggests about consumption of beta-carotene which is found in carrots.

Some Food Restriction Tips for Vitiligo patients: 

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1. Some food items like juicy fruits rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid such as oranges and lemon, other fermented food items as curd, alcohol, Fish, red meat are to be avoided as they have harmful effect on vitiligo and can give rise to spreading of patches. 
2. It has been seen that Turmeric slows down pigmentation rate & responsible for depigmentation and is good for fairness. So, turmeric application & raw intake has to be avoided in Vitiligo. Moreover it’s a great antiseptic. 
3. Beetroot & Carrots actually helps in pigmentation. These can be helpful in faster pigmentation.
4. Almost 70% of Vitiligo patients suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency. Taking Vitamin D3 supplement helps in control of spots. These also promote pigmentation along with Ayurvedic treatment.
5. Omega 3 capsules and diet should be completely restricted in Vitiligo as Omega 3 triggers Vitiligo spots. 
6. Soda bi carbonate found in aerated drinks are found to be triggering Vitiligo and should not be taken. 
7. Copper glassful water helps in pigment deposition over skin. It is helpful and should be taken daily at least one glassful.
8. Figs & Dates are copper rich and are helpful in pigmentation so these are recommended in Vitiligo. 
9. Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 are seen helpful in vitiligo but they should be taken  from vegetarian/organic sources only.
We understand that Diet restriction has much important role in Vitiligo & Leucoderma. Its treatment also requires food restriction for proper healing of patches. The diet restrictions chart mentioned below is much elaborated and will provide clear restriction list to Vitiligo patients.

Diet related restrictions:  

Citrus fruits as oranges, items made of Citrus fruits, juices, lemon, curd, Raw Tomato, Raw garlic, Raw Onion, Tamarind, Brinjal, Pickles, Papaya, Grapes, Green chili, Pomegranate are strictly restricted. Fish, Red Meat is also restricted. Much spicy an oily food intake should be lowered. In non-vegetarian food only, chicken is allowed once weekly in cases where there is mild spreading of Vitiligo. Milk, milk product intake should be cut down (but not in case of growing child). One should completely avoid medicines containing Gooseberry (“Amla” - as it’s very rich in Vitamin C). Any edible item which has soda bi carb should not be taken. Other items which are sour in taste, tinned food or drinks, junk food, fermented food, chocolates, coffee, or cocoa made items should not be taken regularly.   

Lifestyle related restrictions:

A tight-fitting dress or undergarment which leaves marks on skin, elastic must not be used as it can disturb the blood circulation over that particular area. Itching, scratching over skin should also be avoided. Vitiligo patients should refrain themselves from any accident or injury as much as possible as injury may develop into a new white spot. Rubber and plastic wear should be avoided in regular use. Synthetic or plastic artificial ornaments, Bindi or any stickers which sticks with an adhesive over skin should be completely avoided. Playing in direct sun in afternoon (between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) should be restricted. Swimming in pools should not be done in Vitiligo & Leucoderma.
Diet chart for Vitiligo patients:
The Vitamin C or ascorbic acid in citrus fruits has the tendency to reduce pigmentation rate of melanin.  So, there is strict restriction of citrus fruits and other fruits items which has vitamin C in it. Non vegetarian food acts as foreign body to pigment producing Melanocyte cells. Due to this their pigment producing activity can get disturbed. Apart from this the animal protein could also be seen reducing the re-pigmentation rate. It is also advised to avoid milk and milk products to some extent as milk protein may reduce the re-pigmentation cycle. Black/Red gram or Desi-chana (Chickpeas), Black dates, Red Radish, Beetroot and Carrot are helpful in Vitiligo and considered as Vitiligo diet. These are seen helpful in pigmentation process and helpful in coverage of white patches.

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