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TIPS about How to treat vitiligo

TIPS about How to treat vitiligo

Treatment of vitiligo needs root cause removal. So, the medicines should be working on the root causes as it will be more beneficial.
Except Ayurveda, there is no system of medicine that helps in rectification of vitiligo from its roots. Vitiligo is a skin pigment fading disorder in which colorless skin appears due to loss of color because of various factors related to immunity. Autoimmunity is mostly held responsible for vitiligo condition, behind reasons could be abrupt food behavior, lifestyle, harsh antibiotic uses, etc.
Here are some important TIPS about How to treat Vitiligo:
1. Proper Consultation - Vitiligo is a serious disorder & Diagnosis should be done properly. For this Online Consultation/Video Consultation/Personal Consultation should be done with the specialist for prognosis & treatment of Vitiligo.
2. Root cause removal Treatment - To treat Vitiligo, root cause must be treated. Root cause treatment includes various ways to improve immunity, blood circulation towards the patch areas, skin texture correction, food intake control and few lifestyle changes along with anti-vitiligo ayurvedic treatment under consultation with the vitiligo specialist.
3. Food Restriction Following - Diet changes & Food restrictions are must needed to manage & treat Vitiligo. Under treatment Diet changes must be included & followed by the patient.
4. Positive Mindset-  A patient should have positive thought process about recovery from Vitiligo. This helps in faster and effective healing in the long run.
5. Yoga & Meditation -  Additives apart from core Ayurveda treatment like Yoga & Meditation are powerful resourses for faster Vitiligo healing. These should be practiced regularly for optimum results in Vitiligo.

Anti Vitiligo Treatment
Specialized choice of herbs and their properties are compiled by the specialist for vitiligo treatment medicine. The herb formulation is generated as to work on immune improvement to check further spreading of vitiligo. Apart from this, herbal formulation in form of Anti-vitiligo capsules starts the process of re-pigmentation work on dormant/ dead melanocytes cells. This helps in re-pigmentation process. 

Consultation with the Vitiligo Specialist
Ayurveda works on three theories of Vata, Pitta and Cough. During consultation either online or offline the vitiligo specialist tries to identify the ailment with the help of Ayurvedic “tridosaz” theory. Under this, various questionnaire related to body property are asked for the same. Online consultation for vitiligo includes a set of queries related to case history of patients. The specialist doctor obtains all the information for customization of anti-vitiligo kit treatment.
Both online and offline mode of consultation are equally effective, and choice of treatment combination remains identical in both ways of consultation.

Do’s And Don’t’s Advised by Vitiligo Specialist 

Vitiligo treatment requires extra efforts both from the doctor and the patients for complete and faster healing. For this, advice regarding food consumption is of much need. Restriction of food materials like Vitamin C, fermented food items, etc. are advised along with the treatment.
Minute food restrictions details for vitiligo is provided to the patient under treatment which are not known in general. Exclusive and customized care in form of case related diagnosis and treatment are advised to patients for root cause coverage of vitiligo.

Results Of Anti Vitiligo Treatment 

With specialized care and treatment medicines results of re-pigmentation generally gets initiated in 2 - 2.5 months under anti vitiligo treatment. Initial signs include pattern of border darkening and shrinkage of a spot in most of the cases. Another pattern includes brown dots formation over the spot area which is a welcome initial sign. A different pattern of pale / pink conversion of vitiligo affected areas can be seen in some cases due to increase of blood circulation over the area. This also is a good sign of initial improvement.
In later stages of treatment with continuous medication shrinkage/brown spots formation advances towards coverage of spots.
Following Anti Vitiligo treatment and advises religiously by the patient leads him/her towards final cure of vitiligo as seen in most of the cases in long history of Ayurhealthline since past 19 years.


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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*