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Benefits of Ayurveda

Since past 5000 years Ayurveda has been holistically treating patients suffering from various ailments. It’s the most primitive life science which is available in modern time and still the best in treatment of various untreatable diseases.
Ayurveda has a unique way of treatment as it treats the disease from its roots. This theory of treatment makes it different from all other treatments available.
Not only it treats the disease, it also improves the immunity of the sufferer so that there may not be relapse of the disease.
There are three elements in our body ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’. These are also called tripods in Ayurveda. These three has to be in equilibrium for complete health of a person. Imbalance of these can lead to diseases. Any treatment under Ayurveda is made in a view to balance these three tripods for complete removal of the disease.
Ayurvedic medicines are made from herbs, thus there are no side effects involved in treatment with these medicines.
Immunity improvement from Ayurvedic medicines helps to remove the illness from inside permanently. Also , it improves the body defence system against disease causing viruses, bacteria and other agents.
Modern medical science has now understood the facts and benefits of Ayurveda. We can now see every big pharmaceutical company is coming up with their herbal division for the same reason.
Ayurveda is now popular across world and people are getting aware about its benefits and holistic treatment nature.
A qualified Ayurvedic Doctor holds B.A.M.S degree which means Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery. There is high demand of qualified Ayurvedic practitioners across world.

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