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White Patch on Face

Vitiligo is a widespread disorder now a days. Generally it is defined after apperance of white patches. It happens mostly due to autoimmunity which is the most known reason. Depigmentation of skin occurs first which acquires skin area in shape of a white spot or a white patch forming vitiligo spots. One cannot predict its spreading pattern without being under treatment.
The nature and spread of vitiligo can be different in different people. One individual holds one patch for whole life and another person can suffer vast spreading. This all depends on how far a person’s immunity is affected and ofcourse on his dietary habits and lifestyle also.

white patch on face

vitiligo on face


White patch on Face is the most diturbing and annoying thing in a person's life. Face is the area which has most sensitive skin by nature. Facial skin has to face all the climatic variations & changes at first. The face gets most exposure in human life. Onset of white patch on face is most common among small kids and adults. Small kids get caught with white patches on face due to delicate skin there. In adults interaction of bleach, shaving creams or other chemical products can be a reason behind facial vitiligo.
Facial vitiligo causes very odd situation in the life of a person. As the face gets a white spot, it almost disturbs the psychosomatic state of the person’s mind. One can feel embarrassed and may get into deep depression after onset of facial vitiligo. Such situation should be completely avoided. The key behind facial vitiligo cure is positive approach towards a correct treatment.
Numerous suppressive treatments claim cure for white patches on face but fail to do so as suppression actually reacts vitiligo. It can not be treated with cortizones and other steriods or immunomodulators mostly used in modern medical science.
Ayurvedic Herbal treatment can be very effective in facial and segmental vitiligo cases also. As Ayurvedic medicines from an Ayurvedic Vitiligo specialist Doctor suggest that it will start coverage from face & neck areas towards lower abdominal areas as per the blood circulation cycle. In other words patients of facial vitiligo can expect faster results from Ayurvedic treatment as experienced. The theory of maximum exposure over face actually makes the healing faster along with correct specialised herbal treatment.
Ayurhealthline has pioneered in treating white patch on face under the guidance and research of Dr. Ravish Kamal since last 13 years. As the medicines given are herbal and Ayurvedic, it acts in a better way to provide immunity and restore pigmentation without any side effects. Facial vitiligo or white patch on face gets treated very fast with the Anti vitiligo treatment as the herbal medicines acts fast on high blood circulatory areas as face, neck etc.
Some additives sometimes play a very important role in facial vitiligo cure.
  • Doing Yoga (pranayama & kapalbhati) regularly can reduce daily stress level which help in faster healing
  • Using copper utensil for drinking water storage will make the difference faster
  • Following dietary restrictions can prevent spreading
  • Daily intake of chickpeas commonly known as desi chana will help
  • Avoiding chemical treatment or cortizones will help in faster healing
Avoiding stress and developing positive thinking are known key factors in faster healing in Vitiligo & Leucoderma cases.
Ayurhealthline is working in the field of eradicating Vitiligo since past 13 years and it has helped many vitiligo sufferers to get back their self esteem. 



Preacutions in vitiligo

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*