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Now citizens of USA can avail Vitiligo Treatment in USA without making any strong effort. Ayurhealthline, one of the leading Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment clinic is providing online consultation along with treatment to Vitiligo patients based in USA. More than a decade, this ayurvedic clinic is serving thousands of patients in USA and helping them to get rid of the unwanted white patches of their skin. Ayurhealthline is really thankful to those people who put their faith and got amazing results within couple of months.

Vitiligo Treatment in USA

Vitiligo Treatment in USA by Ayurhealthline:

Ayurhealthline is providing result driven vitiligo treatment in USA via online consultation. This herbal vitiligo specialty clinic have three methods through which, patients from USA can get best vitiligo treatment.

  • Consult Online: In this steps patient or their family members have to consult with vitiligo specialist by filling us the online consultation form. It’s FREE. Patients do not have to pay a single penny for online consultation. They just have to put their detailed information in the form along with previous or ongoing vitiligo treatment record. The most important thing is, they have to click photos of their vitiligo spots and upload those pictures during filling the form. Vitiligo Specialist will provide effective feedback on the basis of provided information.
  • Order Treatment: Vitiligo patients from USA can easily avail treatment through online. They can order prescribed medicines by Ayurhealthline with an affordable price.
  • Chat with Vitiligo Specialist: Ayurhealthline is also providing vitiligo treatment in USA via online chat. Patients can chat with Vitiligo Specialist via different chat messengers like whatsapp, facebook, skype, facetime, etc.

To get complete result, patient has to follow certain instructions such as diets, given by Vitiligo Specialist.  To get complete details about Vitiligo Treatment in USA, call at +1 (336) 365-3164 (For USA & CANADA) or +91 8000006093 now.  WhatsApp/FT – +919891709839.

Things You Should Know Before Opting Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment

Before jumping to Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment, you should know a little about the main villain of the story, Vitiligo. Well, the real cause of vitiligo skin disorder is not known. However, it causes due to impaired immunity conditions. This auto-immune disorder usually occurs when the immune cell in the body mistakenly start to attack the normal cells which further results in the destruction of respective cells. Similarly, in Vitiligo, immune cells in the sufferer’s body start affecting the production of skin pigment, Melanin. It further results in the generation of white spots on the skin, which is medically termed as Leucoderma or Vitiligo.

Ayurvedic Vitilogo Treatment

Despite impaired immunity, according to Ayurhealthline, one of the best Vitiligo Specialty Clinic in Delhi NCR, it may occur due to some other reasons as well. Thus, if you one among those surfers of vitiligo who are willing to know the cause of this disorder, then continue reading the same.

An odd combination of foods:

Your food consumption choices may let you suffer from vitiligo. Let’s understand this with the help of an example.  Well, if you consume milk products with non-vegetarian stuff regularly, then it may results in Vitiligo skin disorder in future. So, it’s always advised to choose your food correctly. Even, doctors also recommend their patients to follow the specially prescribed diet, if they opt for an Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment to get instant results.

Regular Stress or Tension

It’s another cause of Vitiligo. Well, excessive tension, stress or if you are going through emotional distress on regular basis, then it’s time to wave off your stress if you don’t want yourself to suffer from Vitiligo disorder. Sometimes, it’s observed that this skin disease often runs in families, which is a simple indication of genetical linkage. However, if you opt an Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment, then you will be glad to know that Ayurveda has a solution to deal with the family history of this genetically strong disorder.

Other Reasons:

Apart from above-mentioned reasons, there are some more circumstances which may lead of vitiligo, including, long history of liver-related issues, excessive intake of items including citrus stuff, if you consumed antibiotics for a long time, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, or if you come across sudden traumatic situations or climatic variations, then also you may suffer from vitiligo. However, your casual attitude hygiene and imbalanced or abrupt lifestyle may also result in the occurrence of this disorder. Thus, before consulting any doctor for medication, it’s better to have a full body check to know the main reason behind your case.

How to Diagnose Vitiligo

How to Diagnose Vitiligo ?

There are various diseases with prominent symptoms through which they can be diagnosed. Other diseases which can not easily diagnosed have various tests for their identification.

Vitiligo is such a a disease which do not has any symptoms. It silently comes suddenly and only after its appearance, it can be diagnosed. Such nature of its makes it a mysterious disorder which can happen to anyone, anytime without any prior symptoms.

Generally de-pigmented spots can also seen on skin which gets auto corrected with time. Those may be due to lighter de-pigmentation over there due to various external as well as internal small intensity of factors such as skin allergy due to excessive sun exposure in a particular day, temporary skin exfoliation, intestinal worms or may be calcium deficiency specially in small children.

“A de-pigmented area with prominent border margin with the tendency of spreading is termed Vitiligo”

Vitiligo spots are either pale in starting which goes bright with time or from the starting it can be bright white depending on its type. In some cases the number restricts to one but in most of the cases it comes in number with the tendency to merge together forming a big white patch.

Generally there are no other symptoms found like itching, irritation on a Vitiligo spot but some case are seen its onset after itching. Such cases may arisen due to some allergy with chemicals like deodorant or perfumes. The skin sensation remains normal in a Vitiligo spot.

In present time due to abrupt lifestyle and food culture all autoimmune diseases are on a high side. Among them Vitiligo is also much prominent. Affected population age ranges between small kids up to 75 year aged people.

Vitiligo Diagnosis


A correct diagnosis means a lot in Vitiligo. Doctors are seen to misunderstand it as fungal infection in initial stages which could be fatal. As time wasted in Vitiligo leads to more complications in future.

With its correct diagnosis, Vitiligo should be treated fast with non steroidal and non chemical medicines. Corticosteroids, immunomodulators, immunosuppressant and other UV light kinder treatments can provide temporary solutions only with major side effects. So such has to be avoided.

Ayurvedic treatment is considered safe and effective for Vitiligo. If taken in initial stages, it can help in faster recovery. In later stages also it is of much help with proper diet restrictions and could help in complete healing of white spots. The holistic approach of Ayurvedic treatment makes it unique in treatment of autoimmune diseases like Vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment in Adults

Vitiligo is a disease which can grasp any aged group of patients. There is no such limitation or condition to be a victim of this unwanted disease. If you think, you are a particular age group and you cannot have this vitiligo disease, you are wrong. It can happen to any aged grouped persons. In this blog, we are going to discuss Vitiligo Treatment in Adults. Adult skins are so kin to have this unwanted disease. Before going to the treatment procedure, let’s have some brief discussion about this disease.

Vitiligo Treatment

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is nothing but a disease of deal cells in the human skin. This is where the immune system turns against itself. Here the immune cells attack the color producing cells to cause white patches on the body. In other words, the white skin causes due to the dead melanocytes cell in human skin. It cannot resist the UV rays from Sun and hence fails to protect the body skin from unhygienic rays. This disease is completely unwanted and it can widespread too. Vitiligo can appear on any part of the body like a hand, leg, neck, eye, face, etc.

Who’s the Victim?

This disease may occur in different aged people. Normally it begins between the age of 2 and 40.

Signs & Symptoms:

Normally, vitiligo affects the area of injury, particularly on the face, hands, armpit, eye, upper chest, and groin. Based upon its affected area, it may widespread. The main sign of Vitiligo is the milky white patches on your skin which caused by the pigment loss. This process is also known as depigmentation. Some of the other signs are:

  • Premature whitening and graying hair on the scalp
  • Loss of color in the tissues that line inside of the mouth
  • Change in color of the inner eye or retina

If we can consider the process of this disease, it usually first develops on sun-exposed areas of the skin. It can appear in one of the three patterns:

  • Focal: Limited Depigmentation
  • Segmental: Loss of skin color on one side of the body
  • Generalized: Widespread of white patches all over the body

Vitiligo Treatment:

You can find so many options for Vitiligo Treatment. But which should be the more proficient? Will it lead to a permanent solution? Ayurhealthline, the leading Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment clinic, provides permanent solution for this unwanted disease. Vitiligo Specialist will completely understand your problem and provide you a perfect solution for the same. You can also avail free consultation from Vitiligo Specialist.