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Vitiligo Treatment Australia

Vitiligo Treatment in Australia


Depigmentation and colour loss are the first sign of vitiligo. Occurrences of vitiligo are on higher side at present scenario. The number of sufferers of vitiligo has gone remarkably high in last 10 years. Use of chemicals as pesticides and other hazardous substances in farming can be considered as a cause behind faster growth of vitiligo sufferers in countries like Australia. Other reasons could be high stress level among young generations.

Vitiligo has psychosomatic reason sometimes as its appearance has been seen after sudden trauma or after regular stress conditions in many sufferers.

Overthinking, stress, depression and any mental condition which diminish positive thinking can lead to vitiligo spread. Sufferers should avoid being in regular stress conditions. 

Developing positive thoughts and strong will power lead to cure of vitiligo. Treatment of vitiligo is done best in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a medical science which is around 5000 years old. The treatment is about, to provide better immunity and to reenergise the dead melanocyte cells for proper pigment production and deposition. Treating the root cause of the ailment is the basic theory of Ayurveda in which autoimmune condition of human system is rectified. Generally the medicines for vitiligo treatment are made by herbs with high potency and efficacy so as to get complete results from it.

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo basically comprises of 
Anti Vitiligo Kit medicines which are oral and applicable or topical.

Oral Anti vitiligo capsules are made of herbal extracts for pigment production by energising the pigment cells. It also helps to correct the metabolism for proper absorption of herbs inside the body. Initial pigmentation results can be observed in few weeks with these herbal capsules.

Oral Immuno capsules are of herbs which act on immunity. The herb inside not only rectifies and enhances the immunity but it also stabilizes the immunity so that exact work can be done successfully by maintaining the status quo. Better immunity helps in vitiligo spreading control.

Oral Pigment Catalizer capsules have herbs which acts as catalysts for the Anti vitiligo capsules. It penetrates the cells for faster re-pigmentation without any side effects.

Topical Anti vitiligo oil application is applied over the affected white patch area as it acts as an astringent, and it starts tingling activity over the basal epidermal cells to energise the melanocytes. Pigmentation process accelerates with use of Anti vitiligo oil application over the white patches.

Topical Anti vitiligo application powder is of herbs which also tingles the melanocytes for proper pigment production. The Anti vitiligo application powder is applied over harder skin patch areas such as legs, hands etc.

The Anti vitiligo kit is a research based herbal product which is serving since last 19 years for vitiligo treatment and is an extremely safe treatment as it has successfully treated kids of 6 months age also suffering from vitiligo.
Vitiligo treatment in USA

Ayurhealthline has pioneered its Vitiligo treatment, and it has healed and benefited lots of Vitiligo patients from Australia.

 Vitiligo treatment Australia

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