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Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment in Malaysia

Anti vitiligo treatment in Malaysia

Vitiligo is a skin fading disorder which has more social importance than medical due to its prominence over the skin. It's visibility makes it important. It is found to almost 1.5 % population in Malaysia. 
Cause of Vitiligo includes lesser or disturbed immunity of a person. In medical language its ‘autoimmunity’ which causes Vitiligo. It's a state of the body in which body protection mechanism fails to some extent and as a result it destroys its own cells which produces Melanin pigment responsible for complexion over the skin. 
Over darker skinned people it is more prominent and visible as compared to light skin people. Moreover its similarly stressful condition for a sufferer in any skin complexion. 
Ayurveda, the herbal medical science of life considers odd food combinations intake as taking non vegetarian products with milk or milk products regularly etc. as a reason behind Autoimmunity. So correcting food combination intake, maintaining good hygiene can help in Vitiligo. Lifestyle related cause of Vitiligo includes frequent change in temperature of surroundings, sudden trauma, prolonged stressful condition and chlorinated water swimming sometimes. Moreover ignorance of a minute skin colour loss could also cause Vitiligo. Other reasons include recurrent Jaundice, Typhoid and Malaria which can damage Liver and sometimes causes skin diseases like Vitiligo. 
Leucoderma is also similar disorder but it originates by a burn, cut or after an injury. 
Treatment of Vitiligo in Malaysia are mostly done with Allopathic system under administration of steroids and some immunomodulators. UV light therapy is also done widely for vitiligo and Leucoderma treatment. But allopathic treatment and UV treatment are for temporary results and have many side and adverse effects. Initially it acts fast and may be heal some vitiligo spots but later on all the healed spots flare up very fast increasing the affected area which exerts extreme mental pressures on a sufferers mind. UV light has also similar drawbacks and these treatments have many side effects also. 
Vitiligo treatment in Malaysia is done successfully through Ayurhealthline Anti Vitiligo Kit, which is a rare herbal formulation Researched and Developed by Dr. Ravish Kamal, Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist. The treatment works on root cause without any side effects and has good results since last 13 years. 
Vitiligo Treatment Malaysia
Anti Vitiligo Kit treatment by Ayurhealthline in Malaysia can be done through online consultation with Dr. Ravish kamal through this website. After case review customised treatment can be sent directly to the patients to Malaysia for faster healing of their Vitiligo spots.  

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*