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Vitiligo Treatment USA


The word Vitiligo defines itself as it is a disease with white skin. Etiologically Vitiligo and Leucoderma are different from each other as the former starts due to autoimmunity only and the latter starts with a cut, burn or after a skin allergy. There are about 1% of population affected by Vitiligo in countries like USA. Despite its very low percentage in this region, the amount of botheration remains the same on a sufferer's mind.


Autoimmunity is considered as the most acceptable cause of vitiligo. The condition of autoimmunity causes dormancy of melanocytes which stops pigment production and it results into emergence of a white spot. The condition of autoimmunity is directly related to food habits, hygiene and lifestyle. Regular stress and trauma can not be overlooked here. More details about cause of Vitiligo can be seen here 


Medical – The medical treatment includes topical and oral steroids to prevent further spread of a vitiligo spot for the time being. Some immunomodulators are also used for it. In Vitiligo the medical treatment is of less help and it is seen that it complicated vitiligo cases. Symptomatic treatments are seen not helping much in Vitiligo & Leucoderma.
UV Light - Ultraviolet light therapy is used to promote pigmentation over a white spot in which patient is exposed to UV light for a certain duration daily/weekly. This kind of treatment is also temporary as it acts by force on melanocyte cells to promote pigmentation. The results came after such treatment could not last long. Prolonged use of UV can cause cancer & other devastating diseases on skin.
Herbal treatment - Ayurveda -  Vitiligo treatment in USA is done now a days with research based Herbal medicines. This kind of treatment includes herbs for topical application as well as to take orally. The herbs given in vitiligo treatment work to restore pigmentation by gently acting on melanocyte cells for proper pigment production. Herbs also work to rectify the disturbed immunity system of the body. In a way it acts on the root cause of vitiligo and acclaimed to be most successful and safe treatment option in treating vitiligo.
Ayurhealthline – A Global Herbal Vitiligo Speciality clinic of its kind, which has pioneered treating vitiligo and leucoderma since past 17 years. It has delivered true results and acclaimed name in treating Vitiligo patients with no relapse across world. It focuses on ancient Ayurvedic techniques to make its Anti vitiligo kit treatment formulation worth for treatment of vitiligo and leucoderma. The wholistic treatment approach makes it unique for Vitiligo treatment.
Sufferers from all over the world get treated from Ayurhealthline for their vitiligo problem regularly. The efficacy of herbs works fast on newer vitiligo cases. Old cases of vitiligo also get treated fast with the use of herbal Pigment catalizer capsules supplied with the Anti Vitiligo kit treatment in USA. 

How dose the Anti Vitiligo Kit Treatment work

The Anti Vitiligo Kit is Researched & Developed by Dr.Ravish K after years of his sincere studies & tests. The Anti Vitiligo Kit is a herb formulation which has further evolved in past 17 years providing smiles in numerous Vitiligo Sufferers across Globe. The treatment is customized and the kit medicines are based on the case history of a patient along with the patch condition over his/her body.
After start of treatment the Herbs inside ensure immunity stabilization gradually which is a total internal process. It corrects the body metabolism and improves detoxification process of body. Moreover, it takes 2-3 months to initiate the immunity improvement and stabilization process. Once the process gets started, one can start seeing control in Vitiligo spreading & new spots formation. After few more months spreading of white spots gets stopped completely under treatment.
Along wth this Pigmentation process over the white lesions gets started. The herbs inside Anti vitiligo kit with the help of natural photosynthetic activities reactivates the dorment "Melanocye" cells which actually helps in starting "Melanogenesis" - Pigment production process. This process may take 6-9 weeks to gets started. Thus, the initial signs of pigmentation can be seen over the Vitiligo spots in form of brown dots formation or border darkness over the spots. This process of pigmentation continues with the treatment till the coverage of spots. After certain period of time the pigmentation cycle improves & becomes normal with the help of Herbal treatment. Treatment can be stopped after that with consultation of the specialist.

The Anti Vitiligo Kit treatment is pure Herbal Ayurvedic safe formulation, completely customised and depends on patient's case history. Online consultation is must for this.
Some diet restriction should be followed for faster healing of a white spot. It also can help in faster spreading control and in pigmentation.
Based on authentic Ayurveda we have succesfully treated and treating many Americans, Indian Americans and lots of vitiligo sufferers from United States. Our repeat orders are almost 90% based on our succes results.
We have also succesfully treated some tougher cases of vitiligo of lips and palms.
Vitiligo Treatment USA page is completely devoted for our old and willing patients from USA. 



VITILIGO SPECIALIST DOCTOR CONSULTATION by filling the ONLINE Consultation Form(Pioneer in Vitiligo Online Consultation & Treatment since 2005 across World)

 By sending Vitiligo affected area pictures or by 10-15 minutes AUDIO/CHAT/VIDEO consultation with Vitiligo specialist Dr.Ravish to understand the nature of Vitiligo along with prakriti(Vataj/Pittaj/Kaphaj) of body.




Diagnosis of Vitiligo is done by observing the affected areas either through pictures/video or by personally checking it. Online Consultation Form is inspected by Specialist minutely to create a CASE-HISTORY FILE.

In suspect cases of Vitiligo, where diagnosis is not clear, we do Wood's Lamp Examination also or ask the patient to get diagnosed locally.




On basis of CASE-HISTORY and spot area diagnosis, a customized ANTI VITILIGO treatment is finalised and offered to the patient for optimum results and holistic healing.



A specific unique patient Reference number is provided to every patient for Free consultation in between treatment from Specialist.




Minute Dietary Food Restrictions for Vitiligo is guided by the Vitiligo Specialist to each patient for best results.

 Vitiligo Helpline for USA/CANADA +1 (336) 365-3164 

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Disclaimer *Results may vary person to person*