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Is Vitiligo Cure Really Possible?


Vitiligo is an immunity related skin disorder caused by loss of pigment. This is mainly caused due to production loss of melanin. Melanin is a pigment which are produced by melanocyte cells which are responsible for pigmentation of epidermal layer. The area and distribution of spots remains totally uncertain but there are some pet areas of vitiligo which are ear back, bony prominences, joints and other areas like lips and fingertips. It is seen that vitiligo affects more on less blood circulatory areas. Body areas which are continuously suppressed by rubber/elastic bands such as waist, lower leg (due to socks) and other such areas are more prone to vitiligo due to continuous lesser blood circulation over there. Vitiligo is non-contagious disease which is having no life-threatening issue.
Best Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda
There are two types of white spots condition: -
1. Vitiligo- It is a self-generated skin white condition which is mostly related to immune issues like autoimmunity. There is no evident reason seeing in this condition.
2. Leucoderma – If a white patch appears after a cut, burn or after a chemical reaction due to deodorants/perfumes, then it is termed as Leucoderma.  
Clinical Diagnosis – Diagnosis of vitiligo is done through naked eyes in most of the cases because the patchy skin area over the epidermal layer looks lighter and prominent as compared to normal skin areas. The white skin areas are more commonly seen over bones and joints including fingertips etc. Some areas across the lymph’s and extremities may have scattered macules around them. Most of the case histories have past use of harsh chemical medicines or thyroid present in them. Apart from this family history of vitiligo can’t be ignored. 

Categories of vitiligo:-

1.  Segmental – This kind of vitiligo remains limited to a segmental area likewise facial vitiligo, abdominal vitiligo, etc. This kind of vitiligo is considerably easy to treat.
2.  Non-Segmental – In non-segmental vitiligo, the white spots can be found across the area. In this pattern small spots appear and merge to each other forming a large patch area. Spread of this type of patch remains on higher side.
Treatment of both kind of vitiligo is possible only if the root cause gets treated.
vitiligo cure possible ayurveda

How to cure Vitiligo? Is Vitiligo cure really possible?

Yes, Vitiligo cure based on Ayurveda can be most helpful in really treating vitiligo. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical science which believes in treating the body rather than the ailment. With this philosophy, modern ayurveda has numerous developed herbal combinations which works on nullifying toxicity form the body. This detoxification process automatically helps in rectification of autoimmune condition, in which the cells get into self-kill mode. 
Vitiligo spreading control is directly related to autoimmune rectification. When it happens then spreading of vitiligo gets stop. Pigmentation and white spot coverage gets initiated after interaction of ayurvedic herbs. The herbal action of re-energizing dormant melanocyte cells leads the way towards the first pigmentation over the white lesion. Gradually brown pigmented spots appear on the white skin lesions and starts to cover the area. Coverage over the hairy areas remains faster in comparison to non-hairy and mucosal areas such as lips and fingertips. 
Treatments with chemicals and steroids are seen helping less and complicating more for vitiligo cure. The effect of chemicals on immune system remains considerably negative. The temporary work nature of chemicals results into shorter life span of pigmentation of a vitiligo spot. Thus, results coming from allopathy source of medication doesn’t last long. Side effects of such treatments can’t be ignored.
Light therapies like UV, laser works just like allopathy medicines. They also have limited self-lives of results in vitiligo. Ultraviolet rays have seen to be creating severe skin burns in some cases. Skin cancer is also informed in few cases using UV therapies.

How to cure Vitiligo permanently? 

Vitiligo cure treatment is possible with Ayurvedic Herbal Anti vitiligo kit treatment. In which herbal medicines are given for melanocyte reactivation. The work of melanocyte cell reactivation is governed with the help of herbs with photosynthetic nature. The nature of these herbs is to cause certain tingling effect over the dormant cells.
Once administered these herbs starts action over the dormant cells & keep them alerted & reactivated to start the production of melanin pigment for colour restoration over white lesions. In certain weeks this pigmentation can be observed over the white spots as an initial sign of pigmentation. 
The other set of herbs which promotes & stabilizes the immunity get hold of vitiligo spreading control. The pigment cycle normalization is the utmost work of these herbs. This cycle normalization of pigment production helps in permanency of results. 
if someone follows proper diet restrictions along with specialized vitiligo Ayurvedic treatment. Vitiligo cure diet restrictions helps a lot in complete vitiligo cure. Restricted items like citrus fruits, fermented food items have adverse impact on vitiligo patients whereas deficiency of vitamin D3 and B12 has adverse impact on vitiligo spreading and coverage.  
Can Vitiligo be cured?
Lack of public awareness regarding vitiligo makes it untreatable in the mind of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo cure is possible under supervision of a vitiligo specialist with Herbal Ayurvedic formulations.
Punctuality with treatment along with advised Diet Restrictions are much important for vitiligo to be successfully cured. Avoiding stress & adapting positive attitude towards life & treatment works more towards Vitiligo cure. Every Vitiligo case remains different & based on the case history; the treatment also differs among the patients. It’s obvious that newer cases cure faster as compared to older cases in Vitiligo.
Ayurhealthline has pioneered in Vitiligo treatment  since last 19 years, across more than 65+ countries, with more than 90% success. 



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