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Vitiligo Treatment in UK


More than 2 percent of United Kingdom, especially London, is affected by the most common disease in the world, Vitiligo. Before jumping into the best Vitiligo treatment in UK, we just want to provide some basic information about Vitiligo and its cure procedure. This page is all about the treatment provided by Ayurhealthline, one the best Vitiligo treatment clinic in India, along with must know facts for this disease.

vitiligo treatment UK  

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a mischievous disease which comes into notice without any prior information. The appearance of white area over the skin can occur to anybody whose immunity system is disturbed or low. Initially it may be pale or off-white in colour but gradually as it has the tendency to spread & merge into each other, it may become large white patch. The areas on bone joints and other less blood circulatory and exposed areas are more prone to vitiligo.
Vitiligo can happen in any age as seen now days. From 3 months of age up to 87 years of age. Ayurhealthline has long list of vitiligo affected patient’s data enrolled for treatment. Improper hygiene, habit of haphazard eating, stress, harsh antibiotics or steroids use could be affecting immunity of a person resulting into onset of autoimmune diseases like Vitiligo & Leucoderma.

Vitiligo Treatment in UK

Ayurhealthline has expertise in 
Vitiligo treatment all over the world. Vitiligo Treatment in UK can be done with herbal treatment with the help of Anti Vitiligo Kit from Ayurhealthline. In UK, there are no treatments for Vitiligo but in some cases, it has been seen that treatment is done by the help of some allopathic procedure and other clinical instruments like UV lights etc. Some sort of steroids are being used to provide treatment to the patient. But this sort of treatment is not last so long. Results are temporary. Actually, such chemical-based treatments are seen to be more complication vitiligo. Here at Ayurhealthline, our vitiligo specialist Dr. Ravish Kamal follows the most ancient and herbal method to deal with Vitiligo. The result initiates after few weeks of treatment and the results remains permanent and there are no side effects on it.

Patients form UK can consult with Dr. Ravish Kamal via WA Chat 



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